Jon Grilz

Mystery and Thriller writer

Hail to King

I keep finding myself wandering back to my favorite Stephen King novels. The Shining, Misery, Running Man (yes, really) and his short stories in Everything's Eventual .

How does he do it? How does he keep churning this stuff out?

The funny thing is, the master of suspense doesn't really have secrets. He tells us most of his theories and practices in his masterwork On Writing. If you don't own it and you write...why don't you own it?

He writes every day. No breaks for holidays or weekends or days when we "just don't feel it". Which sounds easier than it is, particularly for those of us that do our best to write between 2000-3000 words a day. 

Especially for those of us that also have families and full time jobs. 

Still, it adds up. The craft starts to work itself out when you stop staring at the same manuscript and start something fresh.


I wrote Rigged based off of two pages I wrote when I got writers block during Crazytown: The Devil's Kettle. Then I went back to Devil's Kettle and figured out my questions. 

Now while writing the next Crazytown I'm a little stuck again, so I figured I'd write a military thriller. 

So I did.

And a horror.

First draft in the books.

And a sequel to Rigged.

In progress.

When the writing happens everyday it's amazing how quickly you are able to look back and be proud of yourself. It may not be New York Times Bestseller work, but any time a writer creates and completes something, it is a good thing.

Just keep writing.