Jon Grilz

Mystery and Thriller writer

Never stop writing...

It's the same thing I've heard over and over again from writers: never stop writing. The only way to get better at this madness we voluntarily partake in is to delve in all the way, every day.

A friend of mine asked a little while ago when I could possibly find time to write. Unlike the perception that a lot of people have about writers, writing isn’t my full time job. Start with an eight hour day, add a second job I work three days a week, a high-energy toddler, a wife plus a neurotic dog and the hours in the day slip away quickly.

I put out a new book about every six to nine months, though if I were to really push it, I think I could do one in every four months. The reason I don’t is simply that I know I should pace myself to help grow a readership.

How I do this is simple: write every chance I can. I don’t go to the break room at work: I write. Two 15-minute breaks and an hour lunch mean 90 minutes of solid writing each day. If I get a chance when my son goes down, I’ll write then. If I feel like my word count (3000-a-day at least) has fallen short, I’ll wake up early.

It’s not something I’m forcing myself to do, it’s something I feel I need to do to sharpen my skills. No one gets better at a sport by sitting on the couch.

Not everything I write down is going to be great or good or even worth keeping around, but they are words. I’m flexing a muscle, getting in my reps.

Getting ready for the big show.

The publishing world is huge and I’m one name. If I want to rise up and distinguish myself I can’t just sit back and hope lightning will strike, I have to buy a lightning rod and attract it.

That means writing and writing and writing. 

And no, writing this blog doesn't count toward today's totals.